Angel Networks

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2019 Icehouse Ventures Showcase

Icehouse Ventures' angel networks comprise >200 entrepreneurs, executives and professional investors aligned towards investing in and adding-value to brave founders building global businesses from New Zealand. These investors collaborate to engage with founders, undertake due diligence, contribute advice and support, invest >$10m per annum and share learnings and best practices from their portfolio.


UnneQ Danny Tomsett, Founder

Sharesies Brooke Roberts, Co-Founder


Our Angel Networks

Ice Angels

Ice Angels mission is to be the leading value-add investor to the best startups and bravest founders emerging from New Zealand.

In December 2003, Ice Angels formed with a similar premise to angel networks around the world: that investing collaboratively positioned members to leverage more expertise, capital, networks, and hands-on support in order to invest in and support start-ups.

Since then, Ice Angels has grown to be among the most active angel investment networks globally comprising over two hundred entrepreneurs, executives, and professional investors investing >$10m per annum. These members collaborate alongside each other and the wider Icehouse Ventures group to invest in and empower new ventures that add significantly to the future of New Zealand.

Arc Angels

ArcAngels’ purpose was clear from the outset in 2013 and hasn’t changed - to increase investment in businesses led by women. Arc Angels is not only creating a platform for attracting capital, but also boosting the pool of investors and developing investor knowledge.

Since establishment Arc Angels has invested more than $1.6M in over 16 early stage and emerging companies. Our portfolio includes categories as diverse as career path software, dairy herd sperm- screening and on-line accountancy. They all have one thing in common – they are led by passionate, inspiring women.