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Dawn Aerospace James & Stefan Powell, Founders

Icehouse Ventures funds represent more than $75m. Each fund has a distinct approach and set of investors, but they all share a common mission: back New Zealand's bravest founders.

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LearnCoach Dave Cameron, Founder

Rocos Dave Inggs, Founder

Our Funds


Tuhua is a fund that invests in New Zealand's leading startups.

Tuhua aspires to give the bravest founders pursuing the boldest opportunities the tools for their hunt. Our thesis: investing earlier, more quickly, and with more capital than other investors will equip us to invest in the best. It's working. We've supported founders seen by no other funds or networks in NZ.


Eden is the largest Chinese-led angel fund in NZ, specialised in early stage venture investments.

Eden is a Chinese-led angel fund founded on a long-term commitment to support  the New Zealand start-up ecosystem. Co-founded by Icehouse Ventures and backed by professional Chinese venture investors, Eden Ventures is aiming to empower New Zealand high-growth start-ups to tap into Chinese venture expertise and accelerate globally.


Flux is Icehouse Ventures accelerator that exists for kiwi founders to take their startup to the next level.

Flux is an accelerator like no other. The best founders work to their own timeline, they recruit the team they need, and define the milestones that will transform their trajectory. Flux invests significant capital, time, expertise and other resources to accelerate founders from where-ever they are today to their next major milestone.


An index-style fund investing in 100 startups from pre-seed to Series B.

IV100 II is an index-style fund designed to allocate a fraction of its capital to diversifying across 100 high growth NZ startups and to then concentrate capital into emerging top-performers by following-on based on objective measures of performance & merit.

First Cut

First Cut is a fund that enables the success of young founders by supporting them with knowledge, connections and investment.

First Cut believes that young-founders swing for the fences, don't take no for an answer, and make longer strides with fewer resources. We're backing them to go the farther and faster with our capital, networks, resources and a community aligned to seeing young-founders succeed.

Arc Angels Fund

ArcAngels Fund is a fund to invest in female-led startups.

ArcAngels Fund is a fund that will invest in up to 20 early stage privately-held female-led New Zealand start-ups. Arc Angels Fund will be the first start-up fund exclusively focused on female founders in New Zealand.