Setting out to change the world from New Zealand is the bravest thing a

startup founder can do.

That kind of bravery is exactly what’s required to challenge, disrupt, inspire, persist, build the biggest companies and make the biggest contribution back to New Zealand.

We’re a country of brave. Brave firsts. Brave yeses. Brave noes. Now, more than ever, the challenges we face need brave solutions.

As they say, fortune favours the brave. So if it's fortune we want, it's brave we need.

Icehouse Ventures exists to back the world’s bravest Kiwi founders, launching global companies from New Zealand. One startup can define a generation. Our mission is to back them.

Icehouse Ventures backs brave.

Sir Edmund Hillary.PNG

Brave Goes First

Sir Edmund Hillary

Jamie & Sharndre.jpg

Brave Starts Early

Sharndre Kushor & Jamie Beaton,

Founders of Crimson Education

Garth Sutherland.PNG

Brave Goes Again

Garth Sutherland, CEO of The Insides Company 

Brave Says Yes

Kate Shepherd

Kate Shepherd 2.PNG

Brave Says No

David Lange


Brave Challenges


Sean Molloy, Founder of Avertana