Ice Angels Membership

Join the most active angel network in New Zealand.

Ice Angels is a network of entrepreneurs, executives and professional investors that collaborate to be the leading value-add investor in New Zealand's best startups and bravest founders

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Extensive Deal Flow

Ice Angels members enjoy access to a rich and diverse range of early-stage investment opportunities, built upon the significant capital and time invested by the club members and Icehouse Ventures' funds. Members are exposed to investment opportunities on a monthly basis at Investment Evenings, Breakfasts, and through Ice Angels' newsletter. Members are also supported to efficiently and collaboratively contribute to due diligence that adds value to founders and enables informed decision-making by members.

Opportunities Beyond Investment

Many Ice Angels members' motivations are broader than just financial. Their investing experience is augmented with resources and insights from our portfolio, opportunities to develop their own expertise and networks and to contribute to the founders and startups we back. Ice Angels regularly hosts lunches, dinners and workshops that bring the network together to learn from others' experiences, share best practices, celebrate milestones within the portfolio and build relationships with their fellow investors.

Interested in learning more?

Note: Ice Angels membership, like our other investment options, are restricted to "Eligible" or "Wholesale" investors as those terms are defined in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. If you are unsure whether you qualify, we recommend you seek independent professional advice. For general context, many Ice Angels members qualify on the basis of owning a >$1m portfolio of financial assets or having a net worth of >$5m. These members typically invest ~$50k per annum and expect to sustain this activity for 10+ years to build their early-stage investment portfolio.