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Icehouse Ventures believes that no small team or individual, regardless of their experience and track record, can deliver more value to startups than a large, diverse, and aligned group of investors.


We also acknowledge that investors have distinct preferences with respect to how they invest. Some prefer investing from day one, others like to invest when companies have more traction. Some prefer high portfolio concentration, others are happy have a little bit of everything. Many bias towards particular types of founders or industries.


Below are the current opportunities for wholesale investors to get involved.

Icehouse Ventures 100 II

IV100 II delivers investors unparalleled diversification across 100 New Zealand startups.

IV100 II invests alongside our active funds into 100 startups over three to four years. The result is investors in this fund are exposed to a wide variety of industries, company stages (pre-seed to Series B), and business models.

While IV100 II is diversified across 100 startups, its capital is ultimately concentrated into a much smaller number of portfolio companies. IV100 II is designed to continue to invest in the follow on rounds of the startups that have momentum and raise new rounds to capitalise on their momentum.


IV100 II provides passive or newer investors a super-efficient approach to building their portfolio. However, it also provides active investors unique access, visibility, and follow on investment opportunities across New Zealand’s most diversified group of companies.

Arc Angels Fund

Arc Angels Fund 1 invests specifically in female-led startups.

There is plenty of evidence that female-led startups attract less capital than male-led startups, despite research suggesting they generate higher returns. There is certainly no shortage of epic female founders in New Zealand.


ArcAngels Fund I will invest in 20 female-led startups over 2-3 years. The fund invests alongside the ArcAngels investor network and our active funds into startups meet specific investment criteria.

Level Two Ventures

A deep tech seed stage fund in partnership with Level Two, the birthplace of deep tech unicorns, Rocket Lab and Lanzatech.

Level Two Ventures will leverage LevelTwo’s one-of-a-kind deep tech lab space, unique reputation, extensive experience and networks, and the infrastructure and deal flow of Icehouse Ventures to invest in to 30 deep tech startups over the next four years.


New Zealand continues to create amazing deep tech companies. We have invested >$45m into dozens of them including PowerbyProxi, Halter, Nilo, Mint Innovation, and Avertana. By partnering with the only purpose built deep tech incubator in the country, this fund will endeavour to attract and invest in the next wave of iconic deep tech startups.


Only a handful of the top performing seed-stage make it to a Series A capital raise. IVX invest specifically in established, late stage startups that successfully raise Series A-D rounds.

Icehouse Ventures has been among the largest and most active seed stage investors for many years. The result is we have very unique visibility of and access to sought-after companies that are raising Series A-D rounds. IVX will leverage our relationships, information, and pre-emptive rights to invest in 30 companies over three to four years.


IVX is designed to invest a relatively small amount of the fund (~30%) to Series A stage companies. From there, it will concentrate majority of the fund into the companies that need, merit, and successfully raise Series B-D rounds from new lead investors. Most of the iconic startup growth stories in New Zealand have raised significant capital over many rounds in order to win on a global stage. This fund is designed to get access to the most high potential companies and then invest further into those that follow a similar growth and fundraising trajectory.

Ice Angels Membership

The Ice Angels network is designed to enable passionate investors to collaboratively identify, review, invest in, and support high potential start ups. 

Ice Angels is a network of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professional investors, that invest in and supports exceptional teams exploiting global opportunities. Our mission is to connect willing and active investors with high potential New Zealand start ups in order to facilitate their funding and success. Ice Angels have invested in more than 150 start-ups spanning titanium extraction, smart inhalers, super computing, mobile apps, robotics, wireless power, and even solid shampoo. 

The network comes together one evening per month for presentations by up to 5 startups. Investors with common interest in start-ups collaborate on due diligence, negotiations, and investment (typically $10-50k/ investor, $250k-1m/company.) Individuals ultimately make their own investment decisions. If you are interested in learning more about being a member, get in contact.