Icehouse Ventures 100

Access, diversification & targeted concentration in the pursuit of outlier returns.

An index-style fund investing in 100 startups from pre-seed to Series B over the next six years. 



Across all investments made by the Icehouse Ventures group reflecting the heavy-lifting of four active funds and two angel networks investing ~$25m per annum. This access extends to information, co-investment and follow-on investment rights.


Enabling investment of $50k, paid over four years, to be spread across 100 startups. Our deal flow is diversified across stage from pre-seed to emerging venture), industry (hardware, software, biotech, consumer, and more), business models, customer profiles, and geographic focus.


Of our capital in the high-performers in our portfolio. We monitor performance over years not months, apply objective criteria to follow-on decisions and utilize pre-emptive rights to progressively build our position in emerging


Access defines venture investors' success.  

Active funds cannot scale their proposition to access top-tier founders beyond their number of general partners. Networks have abundantly scalable capacity to evaluate and support founders but can be slow-moving or complex to navigate.

IV100 II is built to leverage the strengths and heavy-lifting of each fund & network in the Icehouse Ventures group and augments them to be a more attractive partner to founders & co-investors.

Diversification's virtues apply to venture. 

While the importance of diversification is accepted across most asset classes, most venture funds continue to offer small portfolios. They rely on a handful of partners' active management limiting the number and type of startups they can evaluate, invest in and support.

In an asset class defined by one-in-one-hundred outliers, missing one outlier can be the difference between success and failure. Local investors in 2008 did not know they would be defined by rockets and accounting software. Accordingly, diversification is crucial to improve your odds.

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