We back ambitious founders building global startups from New Zealand

Who we are

Flux is our startup accelerator. We invest in a small number of early-stage companies each year. Flux operates on rolling entry so startups can join year-round. 

How we help

Our startups are given 6 months of free office space to work alongside other teams in our ecosystem. They also receive a space to present their company at one of our annual investor events, Demo Day in May, or Showcase in September. 

The Flux team work with startups to identify and achieve key milestones before seeking the next investment round from up-stream investors.

What we do

Flux invests up to $150k per startup, either as a lead investor or by co-investing alongside other investors. The Flux team invests significant time and resources while working with all of our investee companies.

We provide founders with access to the Icehouse Ventures’ rich network of mentors, alumni, investors and partners, who are all aligned to help their company win.

Where we are at

Flux has invested in 18 companies since 2017, those companies have gone on to raise an additional $16.3m in follow-on capital from local and international investors. So far, one of those companies has exited through a trade sale.

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