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We exist for Kiwi founders to take their startup to the next level

Flux invests capital, time and immense resource into teams during an annual 6 month intake. Our founders benefit from tapping into the support from our experienced team, mentors and partners who are aligned to help each company win.


Building a global business is difficult. Connections to people who can help can make it a lot easier. We connect teams with the best people we know from over 100+ alumni startups from the wider Icehouse community. Experienced founders, potential mentors, board members, employees and future customers and partners.



Flux alumni have consistently stated that working alongside a cohort of other quality teams was invaluable. A friendly competitive spirit helps our startups bring the best out of each-other, underpinned by genuine support amongst our group. Relationships don’t finish when the programme does.



Flux teams are supported by a network of mentors that are assets to your startup. We’ve recruited people who have played a defining role in building, growing or exiting a high growth venture or who bring some tangible skill-set or connection to industry to help our teams.



We want to help accelerate the best startups. Period. Our investment model is flexible so we can invest in a hungry young team with big aspirations as well as a seasoned veterans with product in market and meaningful recurring revenue. The wider team manage ICE Angels, Tuhua Ventures & other funds. We host a demo day (attended by 400+ regional investors) to help catalyse follow-on funding.



Aside from office space at The Icehouse, we are able to offer benefits via our partners. These include a six month subscription to Xero, up to $100k of Amazon AWS credits, Hubspot discounts, and a discount on international payment services through Stripe.

What we do

Invest up to $100k per startup.

We can either

i. Lead your investment round or ii. Match existing investment on the same terms. 


Provide 6 months of free office space for you team to work from with hands on support from our ventures team.


We provide access to a 100+ community of startup mentors, many of whom are investors. 


Weekly office hours with our team, and have a guest speaker from our network join once a week over lunch. 

Primary Objectives


We put resources behind founders to help:


Build a product that your customers love


Repeatedly acquire new customers and grow


Build a great team (board, advisors, employees)


Raise the next round of capital from useful investors


We hold two major investor events each year: Demo Day – June (500 investors) and Showcase – September (900 investors). While our programme formally runs Feb – August (to capitalise on the timing of these events), we know the best companies operate on their own schedule. Our Alumni have joined at various times throughout the year. We accept rolling entries, so apply anytime.